The Last Journey–CHAPTER NINE



This chapter of my adventure will be the strangest for me to write. It is based on documents and records I obtained afterwards, but most of all the account is based on an inspiring young journalist by the name of Jake Sisko. I haven’t mentioned much of him. He joined his Father on the mission. He was a boy who had already seen gruesome war and yet remained in a way … untarnished by the universe.

He was the only other that realised the importance in documenting these events to make sure our descendants know what happened and to make sure our mistakes aren’t repeated. Here is the account of my funeral from the eyes of Jake Sisko:

Journal 73

I believe in heroes. I have all my life. There are heroes I have lived with – The officers of Deep Space Nine. Then there are heroes from the past. Those heroes have always fascinated me. I’ve wondered, what was there life like? What was it like to be a pioneer? Are they really just what we thought? One of my greatest heroes is Jonathan Archer. He laid the first pieces in shaping the universe we thrive in today. His voyages on Enterprise always astounded me. I spent hours on his ship in the holodeck. I always wondered where he had gone when he disappeared. I knew he wasn’t dead. How could a hero just die like that? It turns out I was right. He didn’t die like that. He survived and came to our fleet. Here he was welcomed with open arms, until he went against the other Captains. They ignored him. Ignored the wisdom of someone who had learnt so much and seen so much. It turned out he was right and the price for ignoring him was paid. It was paid with his life. Captain Archer was still a hero, two hundred years later he was still a hero.

I walked to his funeral after beaming aboard the Enterprise-E. The ship was chosen for the funeral because it seemed fitting for it to be held on an Enterprise. It symbolised Archer’s legacy. The Enterprise should have been the flagship of the fleet but Admiral Janeway insisted on it being Voyager. It was strange walking through the corridors. It was eerily quiet. I could almost feel his ghost.

I arrived at the Shuttlebay. My eyes were drawn straight to the torpedo in the centre of the deck. It was empty. Standing in a line on each side of the torpedo was a line of Starfleet officers forming an honour guard. The seats for the audience were at the bulkhead end of the torpedo and the Admiral stood with the Ships’ Captains at the other end. I still don’t understand why we use weapons to send away explorers.

Admiral Janeway asked for silence (not that it wasn’t silent already) and began to speak. “I stand here in a position that rocks me to my core. I was one of the few officers from our time who had the honour of meeting Jonathan Archer. I didn’t respect him. I didn’t treat him as an equal. I was so very wrong. He was every bit as great a man as history describes him. I can assure you of that. Shortly after we left the battle we found the Black Box from the Enterprise. It showed what we already knew. He arrived at the coordinates and his warp drive burnt out. He waited and waited for the enemy to arrive, following his instinct. He destroyed 12 ships. A 22nd Century ship destroyed 12 ships from 200 years in the future. May Captain Archer rest in peace. Thank you.

The speeches continued with my Dad, Captain Picard and Captain Chakotay all making a speech. As I listened and watched those heroes I realised that were was a difference between the heroes of today and Jonathan Archer; They are comfortable. They have technology and experience. They have a fleet to call on. Archer had none of that. Those heroes will never be what the Captain of the first Starship Enterprise was.

Jake Sisko

When I read this I promised myself that I would live up to his expectations and save humanity once more. I would find a way.


Admiral Janeway walked onto the bridge, “How long until we can connect with the Midas array and how long until the fleet reaches the location Spock gave us for the wormhole?”

“We will be in range in 40 seconds. The fleet will arrive in 2 hours,” reported Tuvok.

She turned to Chakotay, “This is going to be close,”

“Yes it will.”

Janeway walked to the helm, “Lay in a course for the fleet, we want to pursue them at a distance far enough to not be a threat and close enough to follow them in.”

“Yes Sir,” replied Nog

“I’m not a Sir Ensign.”

“Uh, yes Admiral.”

She walked back to her chair, “Give me fleetwide,” she ordered. When the viewscreen activated she spoke, “All of you know of the threat to the Alpha Quadrant and Earth. They’ll need all the help they can get, so we’re following them. We’re going home and we’re going to save it.” The transmission ended. “Now get me the President,” she ordered.

The President’s face appeared on screen. She was shocked. “What’s going on?” she demanded, “I was told it was an emergency transmission.”

“Madame President, I am sorry to say this but war is what is going on. What we’ve found here isn’t good. There’s a fleet of hundreds of ships heading through a wormhole to Earth. They’re a race we haven’t met yet and they are pure evil. They are less than two hours away. We’re going to follow them through but you need to prepare Earth’s defences. In fact you need to evacuate.”

The President’s face darkened, but it was clear her shock was less than one would expect, “We’re already at war with the Romulans. I’ve been preparing Earth but I fear it isn’t enough. We can’t evacuate in two hours but I’ll get out as many as I can. At least we will have time to move the government to a secure location. The universe is falling into chaos Admiral.”

“The Romulans?! We’re on the edge of the abyss. Do what you can and we’ll do the same.”

“We’ll try.”

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