The Last Journey: Chapter 6 – Corruption


So Far what’s happened:

  • Enterprise NX-01 transported to Delta-Quadrant.
  • Archer has strange feelings of this being his last adventure and Utopia being home.
  • USS Voyager, USS Titan and USS Enterprise sent to Delta Quadrant to expand Federation.
  • Delta Quadrant fleet arrives and sets course for a planet.
  • Planet turns out to be Utopia. A place of the gods. Spock appears to be their Leader.
  • We find out that Earth President and Section 31 are planning everything and corrupt.
  • Utopians warn of great darkness approaching Earth and Captain Archer’s role

What will happen next?



President Scott walked to the turbolift followed by two armed marines. One of the guards pressed the button for basement level 25. In a few seconds she would be deep under London in the War-Room bunker. The second the doors slid open, Stanson came up to her, “Wardroom, Now.”

Scott followed him through the corridor. It felt like a Starship. The bunker was properly furnished and pressurised. It could be self-sustaining for years. A set of doors to the side opened into the wardroom. There was a large round table to seat 20 people and huge screens on the far wall.

The pair sat down. Stanson went straight to business, “Section 31 has managed to reconnect the transponder on Archer’s Ship. Its in the Delta Quadrant, at Utopia-”

“What?!” Scott screamed as she jumped out of her chair, “What about the artefact?”

Stanson remained seated, “At the moment we don’t know. We can only assume it remains hidden. We will retrieve it when the fleet returns home.”

She sighed, “This wasn’t the plan.”

Stanson got up and put his hands on her arms, “It’ll be okay. But we’re going to need to bring the Romulans into play early. We need to have a reason to publicly militarize Starfleet.”

Jane smiled, “You’re right. That’ll fix things up. We’ll send in the agents. They’ll get caught. The Praetor will declare war.”

“I’ll send the order. They’ll be ‘caught’ in minutes. We should hear word of a crippling and brutal invasion within the hour.”

Her smile dropped a little, “Things should go well but don’t grow complacent. A 200 year odyssey that has surpassed generations is nearing its end. It would be a shame to screw up. We have a responsibility.”

“Don’t worry.” Stanson smiled.

The two left the room. The President went to her office to wait for the call. Stanson went to send orders to twenty Section 31 operatives on Romulus. Those orders : Get caught and executed for sabotage. The deaths were collateral damage to their superiors.

Around thirty minutes later the alarm sounded. Through the intercom a voice sounded, “Madame President. We need you in command. Romulus has declared war.”

“Understood. I’m on my way,” She got up and walked briskly to the command centre, people moving out of her way so she didn’t break stride.

She entered a room full of chaos. Everyone was in a state of shock, “Give me details,” she ordered.

“8 minutes ago Romulan Warbirds started obliterating colonies along the neutral zone. They haven’t accepted surrender. We’re assembling the 7th and 9th fleets as per Emergency Protocol.”

Scott Pretended to think, even though she had planned out those orders long ago. “I want the fifth fleet to join the them on the front line and the first fleet recalled to Earth. I’m declaring Martial Law. Deploy the marines.”

The Chief of defense walked in as she spoke, “You think they’re coming for Earth? The planet is heavily fortified. They’ll have to get through the entire Federation first.”

“I’m sure of it,” she replied. She turned back to the room, “Set up a fleetwide broadcast. I need to address the people. And someone get me a phaser!” A minute later President Jane Scott’s face was being displayed throughout the entire United Federation of Planets. “To the People of the United Federation of Planets, I regret to inform you that yet again dark days are upon us. As many of you may know the Romulan Star Empire has declared a brutal invasion on our peace. We do not yet know why. What we do know is that our soldiers have strength that has time and again been proven. Yes Soldiers. You’re Soldiers now. We have not changed since the Dominion War. We will prevail because it is in our nature. As of now we are in a State of Emergency. I am declaring Martial Law. We are now at war and we will rise victorious! Stay strong!”

The transmission ended. An officer ran up to hand her a phaser. She strapped it to her side.

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