Stargate F302 Repost

A Repost of my F-302 from Stargate. Unfortunately it is destroyed now. I only have three cockpits so I have to rotate through my fighters. Good news is that I am back online, the bad news is that I am unable to access facebook until Monday and thus unable to update the facebook page until…

Military Repost 4

The last military repost. And then next up will be some better photos of the Valdore and some photos of my mini-Destiny.

Military Repost 2

The (deceased) Marauder Jet. It is on the cards to make a futuristic passenger jet – in fact that was the original intention with this. I’d also like to make the Jet from X-Men (exactly), even though this jet is partly based on the design.

Military repost 1

I am going to be reposting my military and futuristic military creations over the next week. After that, hopefully I’ll post something new. To start – my first Lego fighter jet, well the first one I am willing to post online.

BSG Viper and Minifigs

Here is my Mark VII Viper. It took a bit of work, but it is finally done. I did a lot of experimenting with the angle pieces. And I have some minifgs: Admiral Adama (without glasses), Lt Starbuck, Captain Apollo, and 2 pilots (Which were meant to be Apollo and Starbuck). I decided to make…

Mark II Viper

Here are some High-Resolution photos of the Viper

Preview of the Mark II Viper from Battlestar Galactica

I took a little break from the Pegasus and built a Mark 2 Viper from the new Battlestar Galactica. The photos aren’t too high-res because for some reason the camera is stuffing up. Hopefully I will fix this as soon as possible! Until then, only this quality for the lego photos unfortunately.

Full set of the new smaller Fighter Jet

This jet is slightly smaller than my other jet, but me and my friend think it is better. Notice that it also has only for large missiles instead of I think 12 on the larger one.

Sneak Peek of my new fighter jet

Here are a few photos of a new fighter I made. It’s a bit smaller than the other one and it has better missiles. What do you think? I’ll upload more pictures later. These pics aren’t really edited either. I will edit all of the photos at once.

My version of the X-Men Jet

This is my version of the Jet in X-Men. It is clearly quite different to the actual jet and I’ve made a lot of modifications to it since I first got it. I’m thinking the wings need to be a bit bigger, I’ll probably make another version of it when I get around to it….