Stargate F302 Repost

A Repost of my F-302 from Stargate. Unfortunately it is destroyed now. I only have three cockpits so I have to rotate through my fighters. Good news is that I am back online, the bad news is that I am unable to access facebook until Monday and thus unable to update the facebook page until Monday.

I’ve noticed from the Stats that my Stargate creations are most popular, and also just from talking to people, Stargate seems to be one of the more popular Sci-Fi shows, so I might try and make some more Stargate creations. But, don’t worry, I will still be making creations from other sci-fi shows. Just because most of the population wants something doesn’t mean that the others should be ignored.

Also I have recently completed a Mini-Atlantis (about 15cm in diameter). I shall be posting that soon. I just have to make a few minor changes.


Unfortunately I never took many photos, but who knows, maybe I’ll remake it one day. It was any easy creation.


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