Throwback to the Enterprise-E

The Enterprise-E is one of my favourite starships from the sci-fi genre, and one of the Lego creations I have always wanted to build. Yet, it’s a model I often forget about. I have very few photos, and because, at the time, I was so disappointed in the end result, I pretended it never happened….

“There are plenty of letters left in the alphabet”

Here are some photos of the now completed Starship Enterprise-E. I am so happy to finally finish this project, not only did it take nearly a year to complete, it has also been something I have wanted to make for many years! I am really happy with how the model has turned out. My big…

Preview photos of the Enterprise-E

Here are some photos of my Enterprise-E from Star Trek: First Contact. I am basing it off the Diamond Select Toys model starship. The model will be the same size as my Pegasus model. It’s still a work in progress and is about 80% complete. I am interested in any suggestions anyone has to offer….

Repost of Star Trek Ships made with Mega Bloks Set

I made thes ships about 4 years ago with the mega bloks Star Trek set, I know it isn’t lego, but at the time these were the best pieces I had! The USS Budapest (The photos also weren’t too good back then) The USS Thunderchild (One of my favourite Star Trek ships, Would love to…

A repost of the Akira-Class USS Thunderchild

This hardy ship was seen in Star Trek: First Contact and DS9. It is a personal favourite, so of course I made it from lego. This was made a few years ago with parts from the Mega Bloks Star Trek Set and based exactly on the Star Trek: Fact Files schematics.

Lego Minifigures

My best Lego minifigures. I’m hoping to make some more B5 ones soon and more Stargate ones.

The Budapest

I found the Budapest in the Star Trek: Fact Files and decided to make it out of Lego. The “Other Federation Starships” category has quite a few cool Starfleet ships. The ship is Norway’s registry is NCC-6423. It is Norway-class. It fought the Borg in sector 001 in 2373 (Star Trek: First Contact). Like the…