Throwback to the Enterprise-E

The Enterprise-E is one of my favourite starships from the sci-fi genre, and one of the Lego creations I have always wanted to build. Yet, it’s a model I often forget about. I have very few photos, and because, at the time, I was so disappointed in the end result, I pretended it never happened. I think when I built it, it was too soon and I didn’t have the right parts yet, or the building practice.

This creation took over a year, I could never get it ‘just right’. It was the first creation I built (before the Daedalus and NX-01) where I focused heavily on the minor details and proportions. It was also very unstable because it was so big and not supported well enough. Still, when I look back at the photos, now, I am pleased with the finished model. The Enterprise-E was a ‘practice’ for the Daedalus and the NX-01, and I am sure both models would not have been so detailed if not for this earlier attempt.

I would like an Enterprise-E model on my shelf again, so keep an eye out – I might just rebuild it.


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