Preview photos of the Enterprise-E

Here are some photos of my Enterprise-E from Star Trek: First Contact. I am basing it off the Diamond Select Toys model starship. The model will be the same size as my Pegasus model. It’s still a work in progress and is about 80% complete. I am interested in any suggestions anyone has to offer. After the model is completed, I am considering adding in a drydock (similar to the end of Star Trek: Nemesis).



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  1. Bill Hofius says:

    Have you thought about submitting these to ?

    I would kill for a StarTrek from Lego! And a BSG kit!

    1. trekkie96 says:

      I only recently turned 18, so I have been below the age in which I could submit. Now certainly I may submit something in future! However, as I understand it Lego does not have the copyright to make Star Trek products 😦 BSG may be a possibility after the new movie!! I know how you feel, I would love Star TRek or BSG sets!

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