Stargate Minifigs

A repost of my Stargate Minifigs as promised! Again a lot of these photos have not been previously posted!


Lt Colonel Cameron Mitchell:IMG_3511IMG_3514

Colonel Caldwell:IMG_0725IMG_3515

Colonel Carter V1.0:IMG_0862IMG_0868IMG_0871IMG_0846

Colonel Carter V2.0 (The only reason a second version was made was because I did not have the same wig and face anymore. I personally like the first version better):IMG_3504IMG_3531

Colonel Ellis (This was one of my earliest minifigs):AMAZ

Colonel Shepard:IMG_0837IMG_1016IMG_3499IMG_3523IMG_3524Photoshopped

Daniel Jackson:IMG_1153

Dr Beckett: IMG_1010IMG_3502IMG_3526

Dr Mackay V1.0:AY

Dr Mackay V2.0:IMG_1007IMG_3501

Dr Weir V1.0:IMG_0718

Dr Weir V2.0:IMG_3549

Stargate Atlantis Field Ops Team V1.0:IMG_0876


Stargate Atlantis Field Ops Team V2.0: IMG_1028IMG_3494IMG_3495IMG_3497IMG_3498IMG_3532IMG_3533IMG_3534IMG_0922

Stargate Atlantis Field Ops Team V3.0: IMG_4415

And that’s all for today! Lt Ford, Mathew Scott, Richard Woolsey and Teyla will be posted tomorrow!


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