“The Dogs of War’

I would like to apologise for the lack of posts recently. Things have been hectic and I will likely continue to be irratic with posting. At the moment my two works in progress are the Andromeda Ascendant and the Blackbird Viper. Andromeda is going quite well. I originally designed it in a way to have an interior and command deck, however it ended up being too big to work with so I went for a smaller model which will be slightly smaller than Pegasus.

You’ll notice that I’ve made a few changes with photos. The most obvious is to change the background. I am not sure if it is an improvement but it is far easier to set up. The white background involves clearing a lot of Lego to prepare and makes it infeasible to take photos. I have also made a few changes in the way I crop photos (not centering the model) and I’ve been experimenting with different perspectives, especially in the Slipfighter photos. Tell me what you think!

Here is the Centaur-class High Guard Slipfighter of the Restored Systems Commonwealth!

Centaur Slipfighter (22)Centaur Slipfighter (9)


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