Dial the gate!

Here is a set of my latest model of the Stargate from Stargate SG-1. It took a while to build and every time I thought it was finished I added more details to it until I was satisfied. I based it off a model Stargate and pictures from the Internet. Unfortunately I did not have enough parts to build the entire gate room so I improvised and built columns to support the Gate instead (as the actual gate is supported by the Gate Room walls). The supports are slightly customised, but otherwise I have put in a fair amount of effort to make the model accurate. In the future I may add the glyphs but I am happy with how it is at the moment and don’t really want to modify it.

Coming soon are photos of the Enterprise NX-01 Refit, the Battlestar Galactica Flight Deck and the Refit Enterprise NCC-1701 Bridge V2.0. I am also working on my latest lego video!



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