Daedalus-Class Battlecruiser (Stargate)

UPDATE 13/10/20: Check out the new page for the Daedalus-class Battlecruiser from Stargate!

I know its taken me a while, but finally here are some good photos of the Daedalus-class Battlecruiser from Stargate SG-1, Atlantis and Universe. It took a lot of work to build, especially to get the details correct. This model is the most accurate MOC I have built to date, with a lot of attention paid to every detail. This is why it took so long to construct. It is far from the first version of the ship I have made; probably the 5th or 6th. My first version of this ship was also my first Sci-Fi MOC half a decade ago!


SG - Deadalus class ship 2015 (40)
SG - Deadalus class ship 2015 (44)
SG - Deadalus class ship 2015 (46)

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  1. Chris says:

    Dont suppose to have a list of parts and instructions?

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